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Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me? The 5 Critical Things To See That Tells You He Does

Men can be hard to understand sometimes and you may struggle to know how he feels about you. You may even wonder at times, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” when there are few verbal cues that can confirm this for you. Now each relationship is unique to the two people who make it a relationship and there will be different things that will signal a person’s intent and affection for the other, but here are 5 critical things that can indicate how he feels about you.

Little things matter:

Most folk look at the big things in life and in their relationships, but easily overlook the smaller less significant things that do matter. For example, does your boyfriend hold the door for you or bring you a nice cup of tea made just how you like it after a hard day at work? Does he tell you funny jokes if you are feeling a little down or sad about something to cheer you up and make you laugh? Does he watch the programs on TV that you want to watch, instead of the ones he is interested in – that you are not? All of these things can indicate that he is putting your needs ahead of his and show that he loves you.

Dating out:

If your boyfriend takes you out for dinner, he is investing his time, money and effort into making an impression on you. Whatever a man puts something of himself in to, carries weight for him. If he is happy to be seen in public with you he is then prepared to declare openly that he cares for you and he rather does this through his actions than his words.

His future includes you:

A very pertinent indicator is when he talks about things he plans to do in the future and they include you. It may be things that you are doing next week or it could include plans five years from now, but he sees you and him together doing things. If he is thinking along these lines then he has feelings for you that go deeper than just liking you.

Meeting his friends:

If he is prepared to take you to meet his friends then he is getting serious about you. He sees you as part of his life if he is bringing his “love-life” and his social circle together. He will be reasonably sure of how he feels about you if he is taking the risk of his friends perhaps not liking you. He is saying without words to his friends, that this is the girl I am with whether you like it or not, but secretly he will be hoping for their approval.

Meeting his family:

Probably the biggest step in any relationship is when the couple introduces their partner to their family. If he is taking you to meet his family you can rest assured that he is serious about you and the relationship you share. He has most likely begun to view your relationship as long-term and having a future together, and as a result it is time for you to be included in his family.

Guys are not always the best at saying what they feel and part of that is they do not always know what they feel right away. Once it dawns on them, and they say it out loud then it becomes a more concrete concept to them and they are then not shy in coming forward in telling you.

If you want to know the answer to your question, “Does my boyfriend really love me?” look for these five things that will indicate where he is at with his feelings. You may be able to tell before he does, but do let him have the joy of discovering it for himself! You may have heard stories about couples being married and in love for years and the husband will say something like, “I think I have always loved her, but I think that she knew that all along, even before I did!” And, that is true in a lot of cases; we women can pick up on these things before our men even realize it!

Picking when he starts to have feelings for you is a great start, and in order to keep your relationship blossoming there are a few other things you need to know to keep your man keen.

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