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Is Asking For Another Chance The Remedy For A Broken Heart?

Most people have been affected by a relationship breakup and been hurt by it. So what is the remedy for a broken heart? Is asking for another chance the way to mend your broken heart?

Before you do anything else, perhaps the first thing to do is check to see if your relationship can be restored. We have all been in a position at some point where we have said things that we did not really mean and then regret our hasty actions. If you are sure that you still love your ex, it may be the way to mend your broken heart by asking them to forgive you and asking for another chance.

As you regret what you said, so might your partner. Couples can crumble under the stresses and strains of everyday life and snap at a “last straw,” often a minor incident in itself but things were said that would not normally be said. And, beneath it all, you both still love each other so it is worth attempting a reconciliation, as making up with your lover, is the best remedy for a broken heart.

However, sometimes a relationship ends and there is no going back. At the time you feel like you will never fall in love again, and possibly even, that life is no longer worth living as you will never be happy again. You have just suffered a loss and those feelings are normal. As hard it may seem, time will help you through this and you will find love again, but in the mean time you need to treat this period the same as you would if someone you loved had died. In essence, something has died. Your relationship with this person has died, your dream of a future with them has died, and the couple that you were has died. Allow yourself to grieve over this, and find out about what is normal and make sure that you are still okay. If you find yourself stuck in one part of the grieving process then you may want some counseling to help yourself heal.

This is part of taking care of you. When you begin to move on after the break up; look at this time as an opportunity to make some positive changes in your life. If you had wanted to take a holiday, now is a good time to do that. You may have lost touch with friends and family while you were in the relationship and now is a good time to catch up with them and strengthen those relationships. Even though this is a new phase in your life, do not face it with fear so much as with anticipation of a new life to be grabbed with gusto. You never know who you will meet, or what you will end up doing in the near future.

I am sure that we have more than one soul mate in life and that if your relationship did not survive, then perhaps they were not the one for you, or not at that time in your life. We all know stories about couples who meet as teenagers and are still together in their old age and all they knew was each other. There are also couples who did not work out together but each went on to find another lover and together built a new happy life.

People change as they go through life and sometimes a couple will adapt and grow together as they change. Unfortunately, some do not, and they find that they now want very different things in life and are no longer happy together. In cases such as these, even though the breakup itself is painful, these couples can often go on to find new relationships that give them happiness, or even find that they are better off on their own.

If you struggle to get over your broken heart, seek help. Even just a friendly ear and a chance to unburden can be all you need to continue the mending process. Sometimes, being able to help others in dire straits can help us forget out own woes for a while and help put things into perspective for us. Giving help and love to others can help us feel good about ourselves again, and it can be just enough of a change to break us out of the rut we may have fallen in to.

If you find yourself in this painful situation be careful not to wallow in that state. Life is too short to be unhappy and broken-hearted for too long. Ultimately, you will know which remedy for a broken heart is the one that will help you get back on your feet and move you to the next exciting chapter in your life.

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