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How Do I Talk To My Boyfriend – Begin With 3 Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

When I first started dating so many years ago now, I did not have the first clue on what I would talk about with a guy. Being in love is not just about starry eyes and gazing into them for hours on end but about connection and communication and so learning ways to converse with each other is vital to a thriving relationship. Not sure what things to talk about with your boyfriend and unsure where to start? There are lots of things you can talk about but here are three that will be sure to get you going.

First of all, you might think that you don’t know enough about any topic to speak intelligently about it, so the best thing to do is find out a little more about them before you bring them up in conversation. Even if you do not know about lots of facts and figures about your subject, you will most certainly have an opinion about it, and if not, cultivate one. Your man will most likely have his own opinions on a particular subject and swapping or sharing these is a good place to start. Part of forming a relationship with someone is about finding out about them and what they like and dislike. The way to do that is through observation and communication, and it is mostly through communication that you find out who your man is and what makes him tick.

These three things are probably the easiest to broach as they seem to be universal, so start first with something that affects everyone – food. My husband watches food shows a lot because he is not only interested in eating good food but preparing it. Most of the world’s best chefs are men, so your man will be interested in some form or another in food. And most likely drink as well. When you two first met, did you not go somewhere for a bite to eat and a drink with your meal? We as human beings tend to socialize a lot around meals – food, and so he is bound to be interested in it in some way or another.

A natural progression from food can take you to music as is commonly played when dining out. You may or may not have similar interests in music but it certainly gives a topic to talk about. You will most likely find that there are songs that you both enjoy and you can even come to have a song that you claim as your love song, because let’s face it, there are a lot of lovely romantic songs out there and they can always get us in the mood for loveā€¦

Lastly, this topic should come as no surprise! If a guy is not thinking about food, you guessed it, he is thinking about sex! So this is a topic that he would be more than happy to talk about. If you feel a little uncomfortable about, learn to relax with your man, and be open to sharing a little more with him about how you feel about this subject. Here is an opportunity to learn more about the intimate side of your relationship and your man, essential stuff if your relationship is going to last the distance.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article there are many things to talk about with your boyfriend and these three would probably be the most common to begin with. If you are brave you can bring up politics, I tend to avoid it as a rule, but things like what is happening in the world today, or in your community, interests such as hobbies, movies – my husband and I love to see movies together, especially comedy as laughing together is great, and many other topics.

Communication is the main key in building great relationships and it starts with a regular conversation. Learning to talk with your partner is important, not just for the little things but for the big things as well. As you move through your relationship you will no doubt learn other critical skills such as problem-solving together and ways of resolving conflict. These are skills that you will need to have and learn if you don’t know how already.

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