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How to Avoid Divorce and Save Your Marriage – The Magic of Making Up!

Marital divorce is more often than not the outcome of a buildup of negative events in the lives of a couple. Such ugly actions which at times could extent over several years typically go without being seen by one or the two partners concerned until the unavoidable end comes, when one person simply can’t go on with it any longer. Divorce in most cases is an avoidable evil, and here are some tips on how to avoid divorce and save your marriage.

Open Communication & Transparency

It is common for couple who just newly wedded to want to talk about and share everything. However with time couples may drift away from each other if they are not willing to keep the channel of communication open.

During disagreement, each couple ought to gain knowledge of the best way to communicate with the other, and each ought to as well provide the other a fair opportunity to have their opinion, then both partners can work toward a common goal.

Couples ought to by design take a break every day to talk about what happened during the day, their victories and the challenges they face. Open communication is absolutely an important key in avoiding divorce and saving your marriage.


Getting married signifies you are going to have to be in this world with the same person all your life. At first the thought may utterly excite you, but with time, boredom and over-familiarity may take hold. This is the time trouble begins; one person may start to feel trapped and the couple slowly but surely begins to drift away from each other taking comfort every day.

To prevent this trap, couples ought to have common interests. Couples should get involved in family projects, vacations, community projects, etc. I know of a couple who at the beginning of each year write up a list of 24 projects, and embark to get two projects complete per month. Each project is meaningful and interesting to them, and they expect the next with exhilaration. They are as close as ever.

Spend Quality time together

Life has a lot of distractions – children, work, social responsibility and extended family – there are so many. A couple should not let themselves get so involved with meeting ‘commitments’ that they fail to remember to spend quality time together. If you are to have a happy marriage, then spending time together should be on top of your list. Distractions come and go, however your marriage ought to last for good.

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