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Heartbroken But I Still Love My Ex Boyfriend

He already belongs to your past. He is your ex-boyfriend for crying out loud. He’s been moving on since the time you both said it’s over. You can cry, yes. You can say that you still love him, yes. But keep this in mind, crying and whining won’t take you anywhere. You need a concrete decision. What now? What do you want to do now that you’ve realized that you are still in love with your ex-boyfriend?

I want to get him back. If this is the thing you want, better get back to your feet and start fixing that messy hair of yours. Weigh yourself and see how much you’ve gained because you need to start losing those fats.

If you want to get him back, you have to look gorgeous again. You have to be the lady he got attracted to before. And your unmanicured nails won’t help you achieve that goal. Start hitting the gym. Get some cardio and eat healthily. Your physical appearance is an important weapon that you can use to get his attention towards you. Seeing you more beautiful than the last time you two were together will make him feel surprised. He will wonder what’s happening to you right now. And if that thing happens, you will be able to lure him back to you.

Stop bugging him. Do not call him. Do not send him messages. Erase his phone number and e-mail address. By the time he reaches you, he will feel challenged because you will ask who is sending these sweet quotes.

Be happy. Find things that will make you happy. Seeing you not anymore clingy to your memories with him would trouble him. Although, be careful not to exaggerate things. You don’t want to look trying hard.

Be busy. Start reading books. Learn a new skill. These will make your thoughts away from him for moments. If you are not thinking too much of him, the energy will come out and he will surely notice. If he finds out that you are not affected at all, he will surely find it outrageously impossible. He will make a way to find things out. You will be able to intrigue him by making yourself look like a goal achiever.

I want to forget him and move on with my life.

If this is what you want, I have to tell you this: You won’t be able to forget him. He’s been a part of your life. Unless you take away a part of your brain that has something to do with long-term memories. You don’t want to be Drew Barrymore in Fifty First Dates, right? However, moving on with your life is something that is feasible. If this is what you want to do, put those old pictures in a box, have it sealed, and hide it where you will forget where it could be. Being stuck in the past won’t help.

Start making yourself more productive. Do things that will help you become a better person. Learn new things. Acquire a second language. Take photography classes. Write. Do things that will make your thoughts away from him.

If the idea of moving to a different place makes you think that it could be helpful, do so. Sometimes, it is very useful to breathe a different version of fresh air. It is like starting a new life.

Meet new people. Make friends with people who are not within his circle. This way, topics about him and the past won’t be brought up. Engage yourself in new conversations. You might be surprised by the new avenues you will be able to touch.

Writing a Break Up Letter

Yes. Everything has its end. Even relationships full of love and wonderful memories are not exemptions. There will come a time when you two must part ways. One of you has to end it. And if ever you find the call for you to end the relationship ringing like a fire alarm, you have no choice but to do so. There are numerous ways to do so. The question is, which among these numerous ways will you choose?

If truth be told, breaking up through a letter is the easiest way to do such a difficult task. It also is the most chicken way to do so. It is very immature and cowardly. If I may say, breaking up through a letter, is only for grade schoolers. However, if writing a break up letter is the only way you can muster, here are a few pointers for you, scaredy-cat. (I’m just messing with you.)

  1. Make your break up letter handwritten. I know that you find a handwritten letter inconvenient and so out of style these days since the birth of the computer. But a handwritten letter these days gives a personal touch and a feel of sincerity. Letters from your MS Word send a formal and business-like touch to a letter. It may make your reader feel like you have sent her a computer-generated letter – something that did not come from your heart. You are about to break someone else’s heart. It is but fair to make it as personal as possible.
  2. Choose your words. You have all the time in the world. You can choose the words you will use with scrutiny. Be careful not to sound harsh or blaming. The negative thing about letters is that the tone of the sender’s voice is absent. Your reader will have to guess if you were, laughing, crying, in pain or mocking. Your words must be able to make you sound sincere, sorry, and true. Try not to be harsh. Since you are writing a letter, you have the privilege to sugarcoat the bitter truth you are about to reveal.
  3. Do not give false hopes. If you are serious about ending the relationship, make sure that you have made the message sound clear. No more gray areas. You have to ensure that every single word you are writing down will make your message deliver as you want it to.
  4. Instead of blaming yourself, just say you two are not meant for each other. That there is someone out there who would be much more perfect for her than you. This way, you will be able to instigate that your love for each other, if it is still present, are not in the same frequency.
  5. Wish her the best in life. End your letter with the desire that you hope for the best for her. This is going to be a really grand way to end your break up letter. Avoid offering friendship in your letter as a final note. This will just provide false hopes.
  6. Sign your letter with just your first name. Do not even think of adding “Love,” as a sign to your letter. This is also a way for you to avoid confusion.
  7. Before sending it, let it sit for a few days. Before you put it inside the envelope and have it sealed, read it again to make sure that you did deliver what you really want to express.
  8. Send it with style. You can have it sent through snail mail or have someone personally deliver it to her. Another personal touch if you will ask me.

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