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Five Amazing Tips to Get Your Ex Back to Your Side

Going into a relationship is never hard. The only hard part is to maintaining it. After all, relationships are very fragile bonds. You must be continually nurturing and respecting each other if you want your relationship to flourish. Each person who is involved in a relationship is responsible for giving value to the other half. If one of them stops doing it, the balance will be broken, and this is where the problem will occurs. An unbalanced relationship can be dissolve quickly if there is no swift action is taken. A broken relationship usually leaves one side hoping that everything can be resolved. If one is resolved to fix the whole mess, there are always a way to salvage it, even in the bleakest situations.

The first thing you need to do is to be strong. Acting desperately, begging and clinging will only drive your ex away from you further instead of attract them. People always held a respect for those who are strong, and there is no exception in your situation. That is why you need to prove to your ex that you are able to stand up on your own and taking thing on your hand. No one will claims that dealing with break-up is easy, but keep yelling or crying behind the closed doors is obviously not the best solution.

If possible, you should try to minimize the contact between you and your ex. On surface, closing the doors of communication may seem counter-productive in rebuilding a failed relationship, but it is not. In fact, it is one of the most important steps. There must be a reason why both of you break-up at the first place. So, before you are going to see your ex, you should use the time to reflect your previous action or analyze the entire situation. Not only that, it will also give both of you the time to clear the mind, and possibly remind how valuable of your relationship was.

You also need to be flexible. You should not start to issuing mandates like “pick up your things and leave now”. You are dead wrong if you think you can scare someone into returning. Your ex left you because he or she was not satisfied with you. So, the most logical thing you should do is to become a listener or sympathizer. This does not mean that you should give in to your ex demands. In this way, you may learn something about your ex that you never know in the past. This piece of information can help you to rebuild the bridge of communication between you and your ex.

Also, it is important for you to get some social life after the break-up incident. You should not be alone and hide inside your house. Call your friends or relative and get out from your house. You need to get yourself out from the depression. Any form of entertainment will do. If you can’t find an answer for yourself, consult with your friends or relatives. In this way, you will learn to develop a self-realization of who you truly are. Consider this as a bonus when you succeed getting your ex back, as your conversations will be spurred along with a new story to share with your ex.

While it is not easy to win your love back, but it can be done if you are doing it in the right way. You need to be determinate and consistent with your action. Being consistent and determinate are the most essential qualities to win your ex back. As I said before, it is important for you to be flexible. There is no telling what you may face when you meet your ex. You need to think logically, calm down and learn to adapt to the situation, if possible. Never ever let your emotion get the better of you. There is no point asking your ex out for a talk when you are not able to let go your rage or pride. You will only jeopardize your second or final chance to get your ex back.

To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – You Might Have To Show Him You Can Be A Woman

A breakup usually takes one of the two partners in a relationship by surprise. If you have recently been the victim, you are wondering what you did that made your ex boyfriend stop loving you. The truth is that he is probably still in love with you, but he got tired of the battle. Having a successful relationship today is a much more difficult task than it was for your grandparents.

If you have seen any of the old television shows from the fifties, you know that they showed the woman as the one who stayed at home, cooked, cleaned and raised the children. The man was the breadwinner and came home each day with the expectation of a good meal and a loving wife and family. In the sixties all of that began to change with the pill and the women’s lib movement.

Women wanted more freedom and the battle of the sexes became a full fledged war. At first men thought it was just a passing fancy and what they called the weaker sex would soon settle down and resume their former roles as homemakers. But, the phrase, “You’ve come a long way baby,” was here to stay and women wanted more. They were the equal to men and they were out to prove it.

The problem is that although women are equal to men, the two sexes are not the same. As well as the physical difference, their brains are wired differently and nothing can change that. The male is designed by nature to be the hunter and the female is designed to be the nester. When a woman becomes too aggressive in a relationship, the man first becomes confused and then he becomes stubborn.

When you first met your ex boyfriend, you were perfectly content to play the role that nature intended for the female and let him be the one to chase you, but once you let him catch you, things changed. While he was trying to win you, he was very attentive and wanted to spend every minute possible with you. However, when he felt sure of you, he started spending more time with his buddies.

At that point, you should have been content because as a woman you wanted to be equal and you could have went back to doing what you were doing when you first met your prince charming. You used to spend time with your girlfriends and go out with them for a good time. But, now you only wanted to be with your guy and that caused you to nag and complain about him spending time away from you.

The solution to getting your ex boyfriend back is actually very simple. Be the person you were when he first met you. Show him your independence and have a life separate from the one you have with him. That doesn’t mean that you should date other men, but you can enjoy being with your friends. When he sees you being happy without him, he will feel left out and want to be part of your life again.

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