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Top 5 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You – Surefire Way To Know If They Are Still Interested

You have broken up. You can’t move on. You still think about them, particularly when you first wake up. At times you wonder if they are thinking about you and what they’re doing. You feel that they still care about you and love you, however you are unsure. Well, I will reveal to you the top 5 signs your ex still loves you.

The top 5 signs are:

1. If your ex still calls you often, they still care about you. It doesn’t make a difference how long you have been in a relationship. Even if it is twenty years or one month, if your ex calls you often, they are giving you an idea about two things. One, they still love you and have feelings for you. And two, they still care about you and always thinking about you.

2. If your ex still wants to spend time with you, they still have strong feelings for you. They may let you know they just want to be friends; however in their heart they still want you. They get pleasure from your company. They take pleasure in seeing you and talking to you. And he or she still cares about you.

3. Your ex still has feelings for you if they still go to places they know you always hang out. If you’ve a preferred restaurant or place that you like to go and spend time, and if your ex still goes to such places often, they want to be seen by you. They do this expecting that you are going to become conscious that they still want you.

4. Another of the signs your ex still loves you is if he or she is at all times asking your friends about you. If they keep on asking questions, they’re missing you, which show that they still have strong feelings for you.

5. The fifth sign your ex still loves you is if they simply tell you. If your ex keeps on telling you that they love you and you are baffled about why the two of you aren’t reuniting, it could be for the reason that they are making effort to work out their future with you. It is puzzling. And all it takes is getting in touch and having a discussion about settling any disagreement between you two.

These are the top 5 signs your ex still loves you. If you’re unsure whether or not your ex still has feelings for you, they perhaps do. What you must do is work out how to win them back.

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