Win Ex Back

5 Tips to Win Back Your Ex After A Break Up!

You can’t trick your ex into reconciling with you, you can’t ‘fake’ the mindset you need to win back your ex and your intentions need to be genuine. To ensure you are headed in the right direction, this article gives a few tips you need.

Tip 1:

Getting back your ex doesn’t come about by attempting to ‘trick’ or persuade them back into the relationship; I hope you knew that by now. When you want your lover back, you want him or her to return freely on their own and with sureness they want to be with you. This implies you can’t force them back into the relationship. Give your partner time and space to think about the break up. For the time being, refocus your interest somewhere else.

Tip 2:

You should not make the mistake of contacting your ex every now and then after the break up. If your ex has showed strong signs of wanting to keep contact and they’re sending ‘mixed signals’, this is NOT a sign they want to reconcile. It is a sign of self-centeredness and want to keep you as Plan B. Don’t allow your ex to do this to you, rather show them you have respect for yourself.

Tip 3:

Missing your ex is natural; the unnatural thing is emailing, texting, calling them when they have in actual fact dumped you.

If you’re thinking you can all of a sudden come back to being ‘just friends’ or expect that the ‘just friends’ status is going to give you more opportunity to win back your ex than not friends at all, then you’re making a mistake. Be strong; maintain the no contact rule and it will pay off.

Tip 4:

Your ex lover will always come back somewhere down the line… exploit this knowledge to your advantage. Now that you know you will come into contact, utilize this time to improve yourself. Hang out with friends and try to move on even just a little bit.

Tip 5:

You have made it! Feels good to take charge of your life right? Well… maybe you are not sure how this will help you win back your ex. But you’d be wrong! Ever notice how it is just when you stop ‘focusing’ or caring for something that you all of a sudden get it? If you observe when you have received something you actually needed in your life, it most likely comes to you when you least expected.

Final tip? I believe true love comes back and having patience and faith also doesn’t hurt. But do you want to know why 90% of people fail to win their ex back? Even when they followed all the right advice and had every chance in the world to win their ex back? It has nothing to do with their ex or how they feel about them… here’s how you can avoid the common pitfalls and do everything RIGHT: Win Back Your Ex.

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