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Signs Your Ex Still Loves You and How to Know For Sure!

You might probably be anguished in the pit of separation from your ex. Now, you felt confused and lost. You have no idea what to do or who to turn to and your world is ending. A lot of people have similar experience. So, you are not alone. Let me share some very important tips with you, so that you know how to read the signs your ex still loves you without losing your mind!

Sorry, I am Busy

Whenever you text or call, are they often giving you response like this, even when you’re sure they are not full of activity? They may be showing a huge sign that it is time to move on. Don’t be depressed, if the breakup happened recently your ex may need some time to reconsider things. Give them some time without communication and then see how they respond.

Avoid the Big Green Monster – of Love

Is your ex showing off in places they know you go to always, with another girl clinging to their arm? Try not to be jealous; this may just be a ploy. They are trying to get at you, to stir your feelings. In a negative means, they want to see by your reaction if you still have feelings. Keep in mind to be cool and don’t forget, rebound situations of these types never last, anyway.

Hopeful Reminiscing

Have you come across your ex spending time in the places the two of you used to visit frequently? They may be bringing up memories of the fun you both shared, you know, when the two of you were still together. If you want to win back your ex, look for this sign first. It is one of the perfect signs your ex still loves you.

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