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Get Her Back In Your Arms Again – 5 Things You Must Do

Can you get her back in your arms?

You know you’ve made mistakes and now you’re lost on how to get her back. Maybe she’s even found someone new? It might seem hopeless but don’t give up until you try this. It’s hard to look at the fact that you’ve made mistakes in the relationship and now you’re at a loss when it comes to getting her back. It’s tough realizing that maybe you didn’t appreciate her enough when you were with her. She’s made the decision to go on and leave you behind. She could even be seeing someone else. It might seem like the end of the world and you’re feeling a painful heart break right now. You want a second chance – a chance to make things right again. You want to get her back.

The advice below is specially designed to get you back with your ex – and coming from someone who wants the best for you and for her!

  1. Stop blaming yourself. Continuing to blame yourself for the breakup is not the answer. Right along with this is continuing to go over and over in your head what happened.

You have to settle your mind and get hold of yourself before you can make any real progress. It’s important you understand the biggest reason why you broke up. Don’t rush this part – what is the one most predominant reason why you aren’t together right now? Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to do with her finding someone else, if she was truly in love with you. Chances are, the love is still there, even if you have taken her for granted or done something that has pushed her away and made her unhappy in the relationship.

  1. Agree with the breakup for now. This is one of the most important things you need to do before any real progress can be made.

Let her know you understand- that you both need time away from each other to figure out what happened in your relationship. If you disagree with her you’ll be on the opposite side of the fence and the last thing you want is to be at odds with her. This is a crucial step toward getting her back. Without even having to come right out and say it, you’re admitting that there are problems and that the old relationship was broken. You may think it’s nuts, agreeing with her about this breakup. You might think it’s the biggest mistake she could ever make…but whatever you do, don’t let her know. Just go with it for now because it’s going to relieve the stress and anxiety built up in both of you and get you both on the same page – standing on common ground. Make sense?

  1. Be willing to change. Once you’re clear about your part, when it comes to the reason why she broke it off with you, you have to be willing to change your behavior.

If you aren’t willing to change, then how can any real progress be made? Yes, you may get her to take you back, but if the same patterns and problems start up again, guess what? She’s going to leave again – and that’s what you want to avoid, right? So the change has to begin with you – taking an honest look at yourself, forgiving yourself for any mistakes and being clear on how you are going to not make the same mistakes again. For example, maybe you were taking her for granted? Maybe she felt under-appreciated or not listened to? Make a promise to yourself that you’ll hear her out and give her the attention and focus she needs and deserves. Once you understand how important it is to focus on her needs, you’ll be able to get her back that much more quickly.

  1. Be the guy she fell in love with. Relax for a moment and think about how it was when you first started dating.

When you first fell in love. Once you re-discover that man inside you that she loves, she’s going to know. She’s going to pick up on it and at a deeper level, she’s going to realize that you are genuinely trying to change, for the better.

  1. Let her miss you for awhile. It’s OK to take some time to do the work you need to do before contacting your ex again.

This is the time when you need to have “no contact” with her – when you are moving forward to create the new and better you. Once you do decide to reach out to her, be sure you’re feeling good inside.

Now you’re on your way – making changes in your life for the better. You’ve becoming the guy she craved and fell for at the beginning, without the hassles and fights that tore you apart. And the best part is – you’re a new man now – you’ve regained your self respect and confidence.

Now you’re on the right track – you can take that first step and crack the door open again to get her back, once and for all.

Start slowly…give her a chance to know you – the real you again – the guy she loves down deep. She may need more time to think. If she does, don’t be afraid to grant her more time.

You can greatly increase your chances and get her back with the right strategies and know how.

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