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What to Say to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back In Your Arms After A Break Up

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It’s normal for you to do everything possible to get back your ex boyfriend when you still love him. You might have gotten a lot of advice from friends and family, and now you are wondering what to do and what to say to get your ex boyfriend back. It’s very important that you know what to say to get him back after a breakup. There are words to melt his heart and words that will make you lose him for good.

Here are some magical words to get your ex boyfriend’s attention:

Reverse Psychology: Making use of reverse psychology is a proven way to get your ex attention. The mistake a lot of women make after a break up is that they are so desperate to get back together with their boyfriend. They even cry, plead and beg their boyfriend to take them back. Instead of acting desperate, what to say to your ex boyfriend is “I agree”. Yes, tell him you agree with the break up and in fact you think both of you need sometime apart. Agreeing with the break up is the first step to take if you want a future with your ex.

Usually, this works like magic. This is because by agreeing with the break up, he will start wondering what you thought was the problem in the relationship. Since a guy’s nature is to make attempt to resolve issues, he is going to start analyzing those things he hasn’t been doing right that made you to think something was wrong with the relationship.

What is even more important about this is the fact that he will not stop thinking about you. Since you want to win him back, this is definitely what you expect. Also, if there have been disagreement between both of you before the split up, this will make him wonder why you now all of a sudden think a break up is necessary.

Empathy: In order to get his attention and win him back, you need to apply a little empathy. Here is an effective way to do it… “Honey, I realize that I have upset you.” if you ex boyfriend actually loves you, he is going to be pleased about the fact that you realize you hurt him and are making effort to correct it. He might not initially have the intentions of breaking up with you, however he may have a strong feeling that you both can’t continue with the relationship from the way things were going.

Understanding: Lastly, if you are wondering what to say to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to apply understanding. This is what you should tell him, “I wish I understood this before.” This is going to make him realize that you are aware of the problems in the relationship and what eventually led to the split up. Not only is this going make him know that you understand the issues that made the relationship to fail, but you are as well prepared to fix and work on these issues.

These are only some tips about what to say to get your ex boyfriend back using a little psychology. The truth is that, the steps to reunite and make the relationship work again are more difficult than knowing what to say.

Do you want to know the best way to get my ex back? How much does your ex mean to you? If the answer is “a lot” then you owe it to yourself to plan your strategy. If you want to know how to get your ex back then here is a step by step plan.

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