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Your Ex Boyfriend Calls You… Does He Want You Back Again After the Painful Break Up?

Break up can be confusing for both parties. When your ex boyfriend calls you out of the blue, you can’t help but to wonder what it implies. Is he looking to get back together again or to hear your voice? It may possibly be he is just on the lookout for someone to talk to and associate with, or perhaps he is looking for something even more. You need to know what he says and how he says it, in order to understand his motives for calling.

The Drunk Dialing Phone Call

The fact is this type of phone call means a lot. What he says here doesn’t matter so much, however the very fact that your ex boyfriend called you while drunk shows that – his thoughts went to you in a moment of weakness. Does he want you back? Maybe. Or perhaps he only misses what you two had together. He might be regretting certain aspects of the relationship, and in a moment of weakness he seeks to remember them. You can use this information if you want him back, and that is if you know the right techniques.

The “I Don’t Know Why I Called” Phone Call

If your ex boyfriend calls you up and he doesn’t have a genuine reason for calling, it is for the reason that he was acting very spontaneously. He dialed your numbers without any clue of what to say because his heart overruled his head. He is probably getting desperate if he has been trying to get back together with you. This is a pretty good phone call to get if you have been wanting him back. You can be sure your ex boyfriend is speaking from the heart whenever he calls you and just “wings it”.

The Late Night Ex Boyfriend Phone Call

When your ex boyfriend calls you late at night, it is more often than not a good indication that he is missing you. The evening phone call puts you at a definite advantage if you’ve been trying to get back together with your ex boyfriend. Maybe he’s laying alone in his room wondering why you broke up and thinking about your relationship. In this type of call, try to let your ex boyfriend do most of the talking.

Regardless of what takes place, any type of contact initiated by your ex boyfriend is good. Whether or not you can get him back is determined by what you do with that contact. Calling and text-messaging him back and forth whenever he contacts you is in fact the same thing as running after him. You are going to want to steer clear of that type of actions, if you want to get back his attention.

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