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I Still Love My Ex – How to Get Over a Painful Break Up

You have been in the relationship with your ex for a short time or even for a long time and all of a sudden they decided to breakup with you. “But, I still love my ex!” this is a statement made by a lot of people after a breakup, but you must not forget to take yourself into consideration. If you continue feeling weighed down by the breakup, you are going to be causing more harm than good to yourself. I know you still have strong feelings for your ex, but you just have to pick up courage and move on with your life without them. The following tips will help you get over a breakup and make you happy with your life again.

Do Something Interesting
You probably had interest and hobbies before you meet your ex. Now that you are not together with your ex, it’s best to engage yourself doing those things you have always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to do them because the relationship. Do everything possible to keep your mind busy. You might want to learn how to play an instrument, play a particular game or sign up for a class. Engaging in these activities will help in the healing process and at the same time you will be improving yourself.

Put Your Energy into Something Positive
It is normal for you to be emotional after a break up. However, instead of appearing depressed and sad, letting everyone know that “I still love my ex,” try putting your energy into something positive, like writing poems or oil paintings. You need to divert all that negative energy into something positive. This will not only make you get over a break up but will help to improve you. Try engaging in light exercise to burn off your stress whenever you are depressed or feeling down.

Surround Yourself with People
Make it a point to be around friends and family. Rather than staying in your room all day crying and wishing for your ex to come back to you, it’s best to be around friends and family. Your friends have an important role to play in helping you get over a break up. This is the best time to be closer to your friends. You can decide to hang out with your friend and have fun. If there is anything that will affect your mood positively, it’s the loving and caring people around you.

Do Something Feel-Good
Make good use of your time by engaging in activities that will put you in a positive emotional state. Give your time and resources to charity or organization you are passionate about. You could as well volunteer in the community you live in. If you are someone that love animal, you could decide to give your abilities to the humane society. Engaging in these activities will help you meet people who appreciate what you are doing and at the same time it will make you feel good about yourself. Rather than telling everyone who cares to listen, “I still love my ex!” doing something you feel good about is a way to get over a break up.

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