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Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You – Know How Your Ex Feels About You

Break ups can leave us totally shocked however more upsetting than the failed relationship itself is speculating and seeking signs that your ex still loves you. After a break up, one of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves is if our ex is still interested in us why did they decide to call it a quit?

Indifference is the reason for a break up and not love, the first step to get your emotions in check is understanding that your ex still loves you and begins the process to win them back.

Sure Signs That Your Ex Still Loves You

Usually an ex that is still interested in you will find it difficult to start a new relationship. Bear in mind, love is not the cause for a good number of failed relationships; it is indifference in the relationship that was never mended, resolved or grows into bigger problems destroying your relationship.

A second sign that your ex still loves you is if they ask about how you are from mutual friends, how you are going and your general welfare.

A surefire sign that your ex still loves you is them wishing they could turn back the hands of time and act differently in the relationship if they had a second chance, thinking about what went wrong and second thoughts is a good sign they still care so much about you.

Another is their guilt and regret for what went wrong that led to the bread up and the hurt they caused you, typically these feelings are deep nested in feels of compassion and love.

Don’t wait before it’s too late to take action, learn how to win your ex back and rekindle the love you have for one another.

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