Win Ex Back

How to Win Your Ex Back – Unrevealed Strategy to Have Them Chasing After You

Are you feeling depressed and sad for the reason that you just broke up with your ex?  At present you want to know how to win your ex back.

In that case this piece of writing is for you…

I have experienced what you are experiencing.  I was confused and lost at the time I broke up with my ex.

Fortunate for you I discovered the do’s and don’ts.

Mistakes you must never make:

1. Don’t attempt to express you unending love for them
2. Don’t attempt to make your ex jealous
3. Don’t call your ex often

Your ex will push more and more away from you if you do any of the mistakes above.  You must allow your ex forget about being mad and move over to the stage of “Missing You”.

If you do this in the right manner then you might expect your ex to call you.

These are the right plan on how to win your ex back.

Also bear in mind that you have to give yourself time. Don’t attempt to hasten and make an effort to get back together with your ex without resolving what actually resulted in the break up initially.

Slow down…

This is the right time to understand who you really are.  Hang out with friends and discover new things you never engaged in before.

This is going to help you deal with the pain of the break up and it is also going to help with knowing who you are.  This is significant for the reason that when you reconcile with you ex you want to prove to them that you are a changed person.


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