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Rebound Relationships – Do They Work! The Truth About Rebound Relationship

What are rebound relationships? It is a relationship which you take up on the ‘rebound’. A rebound relationship is one you get into immediately after a break-up. Why do people do this? Well, just after a relationship ends, friends are going to advise you to get into a new relationship. They may be right; getting into a new relationship may make you recover from an old one. However, its name tells you about the problem with this relationship. It’s a ‘relationship on the rebound’. Here is the answer to your question, ‘rebound relationships – do they work?’

In my view, more often than not, rebound relationships just don’t work. Let us review the events that cause and take place in a rebound relationship.

Event #1: You break up with someone you truly love.

Event #2: You feel depressed and question, ‘why did they break up with me?’

Event #3: Your friends now come to cheer you up, because they can’t bear to see you sad. They take you out to have fun in bars and lounges to convince you that you can move on. You, in contrast, feel sorry for yourself.

Event #4: Eventually, after so much persuading, and your innate desire to show your ex girlfriend /ex boyfriend that breaking up with you was a big mistake, you start dating another person.

Event #5: You show off your new boyfriend/girlfriend around everywhere.

Event #6: After you realize that your ex didn’t care about your new relationship, and is actually quite pleased with herself/himself, and you realize that the main aim of your new relationship – revenge, itself is not just a wrong approach to begin a relationship but has as well been an terrible flop and you’re unsure of your new flame’s last name, you realize it is over.

All things considered, a bad experience for all the parties involved.

Simply speaking, this rebound relationship was an arrangement and not a relationship at all. The basic premise for a relationship is supposed to be a common desire to keep each other happy and love. If your aim of starting a relationship is getting revenge; well, then it will be a pretty bad experience for you and a worse experience for the ‘love’ you found on the rebound.

Rebound Relationship Advice
Well, rebound relationships after a relationship breakup or after divorce are not the way to go. Of course, you need to start dating someone else, but not ANYONE! Take your time; find someone that you share a lot in common with, someone you really like, a person you believe you can love for the rest of your life. Always bear in mind that line… love doesn’t behave indecently… never brags… never jealous… and so on.

Now after all I have said, it is up to you to decide about rebound relationships – do they work. If it’s based on love, it does. If it’s based on revenge, you’re going down!

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