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How To Survive Valentine’s Day Alone

Valentine’s Day is in just a few days and I know it can be a tough time when you are apart from the one you love.

Remember to lean on family and friends. They love you.

Sometimes we don’t want to impose on those who are close to us.

But ask yourself, “if ______ needed me, would I be there and would I want to help ________?”

You know you would, and that’s how they feel about you too.

Maybe you don’t need to pour your feelings out to someone. But the holiday has you thinking about a past love….

You can still make the holiday a positive one by getting involved with it.

Give a small Valentine’s gift to someone, perhaps your mother or a niece or nephew, or a close friend…you get the picture.

Giving is actually a gift to ourselves. We feel good when we give to others. You can’t help but feel better when you make someone you love happy.

What about your ex?

Valentine’s is a great excuse to contact them as well.

If things are strained, it may be the perfect olive branch to get dialogue going with them again.

You could do something as simple as a text or phone call saying “Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope all is well with you.”

Or if relations have been improving and you think it would be welcome, a thoughtful gift given in person might really make them feel great (and you as well!) .

Maybe things are just not there yet for you and contacting them is out of the question right now?

Don’t be discouraged. Remember you don’t have to get them back in one day (although that would be great wouldn’t it?)

You can take small steps each day and each week, to get you closer to where you want to be.


…you are loved by your friends and family…

…your breakup is not a reflection of you.

Let me say that again because it’s an
important point we miss too often…

…your breakup is not a reflection of you!

You are still the great person you were before you met this person and you always will be.

Things WILL get better. They always do.

I’m pulling for you. I truly hope you reunite with the one you love.

More than that, I hope you are happy and this time is a good one for you.

All the best,

Charles Uadiale

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