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How to Know If Your Ex Still Loves You – A Simple Way To Find Out!

Your breakup might have left you depressed; however after a while you might realize that you still have strong feelings for your ex. But, it is very significant to know if your ex as well feels the same way you do. I will share with you 3 tips on how to know if your ex still loves you

Tip # 1 – Your ex sends friends to find out how you are doing. Your ex might have sent some mutual friends to spy on you and to find out how you are feelings about the breakup. Your friends might as well attempt to know your mind set and report back to your ex regarding how you feel about the split up.

Tip # 2 – Oh! Those good old days, and nights. If, whenever you come across your ex, they begins talking about how things would have been better or the future together, in that case this as well could be a certain sign that your ex still loves you. Your ex might even happen to be courageous enough to call you to meet up at a place where they might have taken an important decision in your relationship at first.

Tip # 3 – Your ex makes the first move. Your ex might be the first to take a bold step to make an apology. They might as well sit with you to examine as to what went wide of the mark in the relationship and make sincere attempts to resolve any difficulties from their end. This would imply that your ex as well has seen the future in your relationship and is prepared to do whatever it takes so as to save and restore it.

These 3 tips is going to provide you with sure confirmation that your ex still has strong feelings for you and is willing to get back together again. Then it all lies on you and you would at this point need to make a decision if you want to give your relationship a second chance.

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