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How to Tell If Your Ex Likes You Still – 3 Surefire Ways to Know For Sure!

Do you want to get back your ex, however they are giving you confusing signs? Would you like to know what your ex is thinking and tap into their emotions about you? If you want to know if your ex still has strong feelings for you, so you can eventually clear all the mixed signals up and win back your ex, then make use of these 3 tips to find out how to tell if your ex likes you still…

1). Your ex finds an excuse to call you- They are going to nearly make it part of their daily habit to speak with you, and you are going to wonder why they called, since lots of the calls is not going to have much conversation. But, he or she only wants to hear your voice, and is attempting to work out a way to reunite with you, and is most likely really anxious.

2). They make plans to have a date with you or try to see you in real life – let’s make Something clear here: if your ex is no longer interested in you, they wouldn’t even bother making contact with you, let alone have a date with you! Therefore, if he/she always wants to have a date with you, in that case take that as a positive sign that your ex likes you still.

3). Your ex at all times talks about the past- They are going to say “hey, do you recall that time that…”, and is going to begin talking about something you two shared in the past. You are going to find your ex reminiscing about little things they miss or loved about you, and about the places you went. Whenever they do this, it implies that they still have strong feelings for you, and he/she may even be testing you to know if you love them as well.

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