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Guidelines for When to Leave Skid Marks in the Beginning of a Romantic Relationship

The following guidelines are here to keep you sane, with self esteem, high self worth, and what to look out for at the onset of a romantic relationship that can be potentially destructive, leaving you feeling worthless.

When you notice any of the guidelines below, this is when to leave skid marks while you run in the opposite direction. As a result, you will preserve your sanity, your self worth, and you will attract a new partner who will treat you with the dignity and respect every human being deserves.

The Guidelines

  • The first degrading remark made to you must be the last.
  • The first time you are ordered around, as if you have a new dictator in your life.
  • Any time you are shoved, pushed, hit, smacked, and/or forced to do anything you do not feel entirely comfortable with.
  • When you are told what you can and cannot do.
  • When you are told how to spend your money.
  • Anytime you feel intimidated or scared of the other person.
  • The first time you are put down or insulted in front of other people.
  • When you are upset, speak up about your feelings, and are either ignored, told you are overreacting, and when your feelings are completely disregarded.
  • When the other person intentionally pushes your buttons to get an emotional reaction out of you.
  • When the other person plays jealousy games with you.
  • The first time you are stood up, without a call in advance, and there was not an emergency situation.
  • When you are told that your religious or spiritual preferences are wrong, and need to change to suit the other person.
  • When you begin to notice a pattern that causes you to constantly feel emotionally, mentally, physically or financially drained, and nothing is changing.
  • When you feel you are being used.
  • When you are lied to.
  • When you are only called last minute and never have any pre-set plans to get together.
  • When you are told that he or she does not want to be in a relationship.

If you experience any of the above, it is time to move on. If you remain in the relationship, then you will be stringing yourself along, crying yourself to sleep, and wondering why you feel so terrible.

When you feel that you are being played, honor your feelings, because they are your truth. When you honor your truth guess what will happen? You will attract someone else who will be a joy in your life as opposed to a misery.

As you follow your truth, your self esteem and self worth are going to grow rapidly. This is what attracts a partner who will be awesome for you – it all stems from your honoring your truth. I hope these guidelines have helped you. I can share with you that since I have been following the above guidelines, it has made an enormous difference in my life. I actually feel the inner confidence to live it all out, which is entirely empowering and freeing. I am sure you will feel the same way, too.

Tips for Turning Your Casual Dating Into a Serious Relationship

Casual dating is something that may keep your hands full at the moment. But, turning it into a serious relationship could be quite more than you are ready for. Even the transition of casual dating to serious relationship is a risky one. If you are not sure, you better not rush into it.

Moving to another level demands that both man and woman are ready to take the challenge. If one of the parties is not ready, things could get messy and the blooming connection between you and the woman you are dating would also suffer. Of course, if the transition went by itself, you have nothing to worry about. You may just be one lucky man because you have skipped the ugly process. But what if you really want to take this to another level? What exactly would you do if it doesn’t take its own course? Are there things you could do to hasten the process of turning your casual dating into a serious relationship? If you are interested in knowing how, then read on and enjoy learning.

Tip 1: UNDERSTAND YOUR FEELINGS. Ask yourself why you want to take this to another level? Are you doing this because you want her in your bed or do you want her for keeps? Understand yourself why you’re doing this and it would be better if you’ll be able to get her to understand your reasons for wanting to go one step further. This will also clear things out for you.

Tip 2: BE ABSOLUTELY SURE. Think things thoroughly. Unless you are a hundred and one percent sure that this is what you want, do not go into the transition. As I have mentioned above, turning casual dating into a serious relationship is one big drama just waiting to unfold before your eyes and if you are not ready, it just might backfire on you. Be sure that this is what you want and be sure that you are ready to take on the challenges that come with this risk.

Tip 3: PERFECT TIMING. Now that you are sure that you want to do this, the next question would be when. When you already feel that it is the right time, do not let the moment pass you by. Ask her if she’s ready to have a serious relationship with you and if she answers yes, then good for you. If she answers no, do not rush her. There must be a reason why she is not ready yet. If you really want her, you could assure her that you would wait. No pressure. Be man enough to wait for something you really want.

Tip 4: MAKE YOUR INTENTIONS CLEAR. Though you have told her that you would wait for her to be ready, you should also make it clear to her that you feel different about her. Make her realize your intentions of wanting to have a serious relationship with her.

Tip 5: SPEND SOME AND GET SOME. I know that it is hard to just ask thequestion right then and there and I understand if you are not comfortable with asking her straight away. If this is the case, do not stick to just asking her. Think of other ways to let her know. One good way of letting her know that you want to take things to the next page is by planning a vacation trip for the both of you. A romantic trip could help her get into the mood and this could also aid you in popping the question. Just remember that it need not be a long vacation trip, even a short trip would do as long as you make it worthwhile.

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