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Can You Be Friends with Your Ex Boyfriend After A Painful Break Up

Break up can be a very painful experience and letting a relationship go is easier said than done. One question often asked by women going through a breakup is “can you be friends with your ex boyfriend?” Don’t fall victim to this, as it could do more damage than good to your relationship.

The simple answer to the question “can you be friends with your ex boyfriend?” is NO. If you still love you ex boyfriend and want him back, being friends with him is a wrong approach to go about it. You are only going to end up hurting yourself. In fact, it’s going to do more damage than good to your relationship.

If you are stuck in the “friend zone”, you might never be able to reconcile with your ex boyfriend. He is never going to miss you when you are available at his reach at anytime. He will definitely not realize how important you’re to him when you are always around. Like the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” your ex is never going to miss you until you give him space. When he realizes you are no more in his life, then he would want you back. He will never want you back until he starts missing you.

Can you be friends with your ex boyfriend? Being friends with your ex with the aim of winning him back is just going to do more damage than good. You will just be faking the friendship and he will sense your motive for sticking around. This is wrong, as he is going to have the impression that you are trying to force yourself back into the relationship. Most time, your emotions are still going to let him know that you are still crazy about him. This will make him bigheaded and eventually make him pull further away from you.

Now, imagine if your ex boyfriend starts dating another girl and you bump into her. How will you feel? Will you smile at her pretending that everything is okay, while you are furious? This is a moment you won’t want to witness. Being friends with your ex boyfriend will simply make him not to feel your absence. He is just going to move on with his life, while you are going to believe that you both are going to get back together after some time. Most times, after a break up, one person still loves the other person a little more, and wants to do everything to fix the relationship. Never put yourself in the position of being desperate to get back together with him. Never fall victim of crying, begging and pleading with your ex boyfriend to come back to you. Doing this might mean the end of your relationship for good.

So, being friend with your ex boyfriend is definitely a wrong decision to make. It doesn’t matter if he is the one bringing up the idea, simple tell him NO. If you are asking, “can you be friends with your ex boyfriend?” then this articles has been able to answer that question.

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