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Sure Ways to Get Your Ex to Contact You After A Breakup

Do you want to know how to get your ex to contact you simply for the reason that he or she is paying no attention to you or simply plain dislikes you at the moment? Don’t be troubled tensions are more often than not high immediately after a relationship comes to an end and its normal if your ex lover doesn’t want to get in touch with you at the moment, but there is still hope, this article reveals some powerful tricks to get your ex to get in touch with you once more.

#1 Give Your Ex A Reason To Call.
What is the one and only reason for getting them to get in touch with you? If your answer is to plead your case with them to reconcile with you, then you need to think again. If your ex is reluctant to reconcile with you, he or she is going to stay away from you more willingly than speak to you simply to not avoid your attempts. What you should do is to come up with a reason for your ex to get in touch with you first. It’s one of the sure ways to get your ex to contact you.

#2 Being Too Eager
If you’re not giving your ex the time and space they require to enable them sort things out and cool down, then you might be getting in touch with him or her too soon. At times it could take months before your ex is at ease enough to make contact with you once more.

What you must realize is that people hardly ever just change suddenly. The changes we make within ourselves are more often than not gradual, therefore you must be patience.

#3 Arousing the Curiosity of Your Ex
The best way to get your ex thinking it’s his or her own initiative to make the first move towards making contact with you is if you make them curious enough that they are going to want to contact you. One way to do this is to leave a note to say you have something exciting to let them know. Be positive and excited. It’s natural for humans to wants to know a secret; therefore your ex is going to want to call simply to fulfill his or her own inquisitiveness. Ensure you don’t lie, if you have something exciting to tell them, ensure you DO have exciting news or your might end up losing the trust your ex have for you. Do anything possible to come up something just to share with your ex. This is another sure way to get your ex to contact you.

#4 Achieve Something Your Ex Is Going To Be Proud Of
You may have before now shared your goals and dreams with your significant other, but it would be great if you can achieve some of these goals. If it is what your ex knows you are going to be thrilled about, you could ploy him or her into believing everything is okay and it is going make them at ease to get in touch with you. Be cheerful but bear in mind never to show that you are desperate. You don’t want to do this immediately after the split up because it is going to seem as though you are desperate and appear more suspicious to your ex.

#5 What Is the Passion of Your Ex?
One of the sure ways to get your ex to contact you and make them drop their defenses is to consult them on a matter they are passionate about. The more they know about whatever it is you are asking them of help for, the more he or she is going to probably want to speak to you concerning it. This is going to be more effective if you are genuine, therefore asking for help as regards purchasing motorcycles when your ex is aware that you dislike motorcycles might seem more suspicious to them (notwithstanding that might not be something completely bad).

Understandably it’s not easy to carry out some of these, but to be more frank with you, lots of these isn’t important if you want your ex to contact you.

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