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Getting Your Ex to Call You – Tips To Make This Happen!

How to get your ex to call you? Relationships could be funny at times. At some point, all is dandy and fine – and before you know it, the one you love is walking out on you, leaving you after 3 years of what seemed like an ideal relationship. That is what happened to me – after 3 years, all I got was a text message saying that I can’t be with you any longer. Uncalled for to say, I was ruined; however just 17 days later I managed to win back my love – and this piece of writing is going to let you know how!

The actual trick was to get my ex to call me. You must understand that, everyone extreme dislike it when their ex begins running after them. It makes you appear as a loser who can’t recover from being dumped – and so not the kind of person whom they’d want to be with.

Rather, you must think of how to make them run after you. There are lots of means to accomplish it, however the easiest one – and the one I made use of – was to ignore my ex totally and just act like I don’t care. When my ex realized that I’m no longer anxious, that aroused the curiosity in my ex. in spite of everything, how is it possible that someone who claimed to love them so much was able to get over the break up so soon?

That is precisely what I wanted my ex to believe. After just two weeks, my ex began calling me, sooner or later proposing meeting up for a drink. All through this, I was just relaxing and having the moment of my life watching my ex run after me – and that is after walking out on me initially!

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. There are proven methods to get back your ex and to make them love you like never before.

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