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Does Your Ex still have Feelings for You – How To Know If Your Ex Still Loves You!

Love is strange sometimes! It as well makes you do things that are stranger. For example falling deeply in love with someone and then calling off the relationship for reasons that are unavoidable. However this is not what is strange! The thing that is strange occurs when you can’t get your ex off your mind even after breaking up for a long time. Well, life is not easy. At times, we tend to make things difficult ourselves. We fight with the one we love; we hurt our love ones and then finally split up only to wish you could turn back the hands of time. The obvious answer is moving on in life however assuming your ex was actually out of this world and unfortunately you can’t move on in life? Like I earlier said, love makes you do things that are strange like longing to get your ex back and wishing for those good old days.

Well, don’t bother about everything happening to you since we have all been through this phase at some point! The difficulty starts at the time you begin longing to get your ex back and renew all the love you shared. At times, the separated couples contact each other as ‘friends’ whereas, in most situations, some breakups result to bitter emotions. So, a lot desire not to contact each other to avoid getting hurt. Well, would it be a good idea to reconsider reuniting with your ex? Therefore, does your ex still have feelings for you? How would you know? I am going to share with you some tips to know if your ex still loves you!

Signs to know your ex still has feelings for you:

It is going to be easier to know the feelings of your ex, if you’re in touch with him/her. Does your ex find constant means to contact you always? It could be through SMS, through chat or even phone calls. Does your ex call you always? even though you claim to be ‘just friends’, do you feel you hang out with him or her more than you would usually do with a friend? You need to judge how often you two get in touch to know if they still have feelings for you.

Do his or her friends contact you? Do you have the feeling that those friends call you a lot often? It could be your ex is trying to know more about you. That would itself be a sign that your ex still has feelings for you. Therefore, an excellent source to know the truth is these friends. It would be a good idea to ask directly concerning the issue instead of waiting in expectation for something to take place!

Whenever you meet with your ex, does it result in talks about the fun you two shared? Any amount of familiarity is a positive sign your ex still has feelings for you however then, to avoid getting hurt again, it would be a wiser idea to have a personal talk. This would help you to know if your ex still has feelings for you.

Certainly, even though all the signs your ex still loves you are there, reuniting might still not be easy. There were actual causes for the break up and if you approach your ex in the wrong manner you can in fact mess up your odds of getting back together– even if they actually do still have interest in you.

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