Get Ex Boyfriend Back

Ways to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Get Him Back by Dating Someone Else

Getting your ex boyfriend back by dating another man may look like a crazy idea. It seems totally the wrong thing to do and can worsen the situation of things. However would you start seeing another man if it can bring you closer to your ex boyfriend?

When you have broken up with someone you still love, the initial idea that comes to your mind is, to run after him and do all you can to reunite with him. You basically lose your mind and panic and begging your ex boyfriend to come back to you again is what you don’t want to do.

However you must know that even if the relationship is over, in that case this does not imply your boyfriend has gotten over the relation. If he still loves you then even if he is seeing a new girl, it doesn’t mean you can’t win him back. Regardless of how bad the situation may look like, you shouldn’t go into a panic mode.

If you want to eventually win your ex boyfriend back giving him space and time is the right thing to do. Therefore give him the space he requires and don’t contact him by any means. Just let him alone for some time to do whatever he wants to do. If he is seeing a new girl, then let it be.

Once you realize that getting in touch with your ex is a bad idea, then hang out with your friends and just have fun. This is going to make you stop thinking about the break up, gives you a lot of confidence and stops you from calling your ex.

If you like to date someone else, then go ahead. Bear in mind that you are free to do what you want and you aren’t in a relationship. However you must make it clear to your new date that you just want to have some fun and you aren’t interested in a serious relationship.

Spending time with your friends or dating someone else and having fun is not about making him jealous. This simply helps you deal with with the situation much better and keeps your spirits up. Taking time apart to spend time with other people may be just what you two needed.

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