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Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back – How to Tell If He’s Still Interested

You are probably asking “does my ex boyfriend still love me?” What is the likelihood he wants to reunite? Winning back your ex boyfriend and beginning a relationship all over with him is possible. You just have to know the right signs your ex boyfriend wants you back.

Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

• At any time your ex boyfriend calls you, he tends to hang on the phone, he appears unwilling to hang up the call. In fact, most times it is you who has to bring an end to the discussion. This is another of the signs your ex boyfriend wants you back, and speaking with you is soothing to him.

• He is interested in knowing if you are dating someone new. This is a sign that he is restless and jealous. He appears uncomfortable about the guys you hang out with, at all times asking about what is his face and if you love anything about “that guy”. It is like he is torn between trying not to hate every guy you spend time with and trying not to poke his nose into your business.

• If there is an arresting beauty in the same room with you two however he is paying no attention to her for the reason that he is too busy staring at you. The fact is, more often than not guys are simply distracted if a beauty walks into the room. Therefore the fact that he is paying no attention to her is one of the revealing signs your ex boyfriend wants you back.

• If your ex boyfriend is finding it difficult dating another woman and not at all concerned about going into a relationship with anyone. This could imply that he still has strong feelings for you or he is not prepared to move forward. Maybe you two are thinking alike: a possible reuniting in no time.

• Your ex boyfriend seems very fascinated in spending time with you. And at any time you do get together, he act nervous or flustered.

• When your friends tells you that he is at all times asking about you. Perhaps he is unsure how to approach you or he is too timid to ask you personally. No matter what his reasons are, this much is true: this is one of the positive signs your ex boyfriend wants you back. He wouldn’t have asked your friends about you if he wasn’t interested.

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