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How to Make Up With Your Ex Check List – Get Back Your Ex Fast!

Has a huge disagreement left you and your lover at odds? There are some things to keep in mind before you try to fix things up. This how to make up with your ex check list is going to help you continue on track. Stay away from the mistakes that can end a relationship!

Item 1 – Down Time
Whenever you think about the argument or your ex, do you still get upset? Getting angry all over again is not going to help if you want to save your relationship. If you’re still angry, allow some space in order that you can calm down. During this down time, concentrate on the things that are positive and reasons you still want them around.

Item 2 – Serious Consideration
Have you seriously taken time to think about what caused the break up and why it made the two of you so sore? Think about the other side of things and why you’re angry. Is there more here that perhaps have to be discussed? You can figure out how to make up with your ex once you know the root of the problem.

Item 3 – No Man’s Land
You have given thought to the root of the problem and calmed down. It is now time to find a neutral place to talk about things. Bear in mind to take this carefully and calmly or risk a second round of fighting. You are not ready to talk if you cannot speak to your ex without getting mad. Remember, neutral ground doesn’t mean battle ground.

Item 4 – The Follow Through
Now it is time to become successful on whatever concession you and your spouse have agreed upon. It is extremely significant that you’re at ease with the agreement and put up with it seriously. Or else, you are going to just end up back where you began later on.

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