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Does My Ex Boyfriend Still Love Me After The Break Up

Are you wondering if your ex boyfriend is still interested in you? “Does my ex boyfriend still love me” is one question that a lot of girls are finding an answer to. Usually, after a break up, it’s not easy to know what your ex has in mind. It is imperative that you know if your ex still has feelings for you before making an attempt to win him back. Here are some signs that your ex boyfriend is still into you even if he says he doesn’t.

Is your ex boyfriend not dating another girl yet? If he is not doing this, then this is a very good sign that he is still interested in you. He may still have the feelings that you both will reunite sooner or later. It might also be that he is trying to recover from the split up, however that doesn’t imply that he doesn’t love you anymore.

If your ex boyfriend still maintains contact, it shows that he wants to keep the lines of communication open. Since he still calls, sends text messages and emails you frequently, you shouldn’t ask does my ex boyfriend still love me. Whether he contacts you on the basis of beings friends doesn’t matter. The fact that he still contacts you shows that he doesn’t want to completely end the relationship with you, misses you badly and still loves you.

Another sign that indicates if your ex boyfriend still loves you is if he asks family and friend about you. The fact that your ex boyfriend doesn’t contact you any longer doesn’t really mean he has forgotten about you. If your friends tell you that he ask about you all the time, then that rings a bell that he is not over you yet.  Asking mutual friends about you is something that he won’t be able to resist if he still loves you. He is definitely asking to get information about you: if you have moved on, what you have been doing, if you are happy with your life, etc. This lets you know how much he has been thinking about you. In a situation whereby he has stop contacting you, this could mean he is trying to find out how you would react and to see if you would make the initial move to make contact. Hence if you are asking, “Does my ex boyfriend still love me,” this is a positive indication that he does.

Does he show signs of jealously or being possessive? If he says something bad about any guy you might be seen with, it’s evident that he is being jealous. Also, he might be acting possessive; however these signs might not be obvious. For instance, he could be taking a sip of your drink without your permission, or believing you would take him back home in your car after a party, despite the fact that you both didn’t go there together. The fact that your ex boyfriend still act as though you both are still together shows that he is still into you.

These are just a few signs that indicate he still loves you, however there are  other sure signs that answers the question “Does my ex boyfriend still love me?” If he does one or more of these signs listed above, then he is still interested in you. But the fact that he shows these signs doesn’t necessarily mean you would get him back. There are things that led to the break up initially that must be resolved.

Having your ex leave you is devastating, but break up don’t always signal a permanent end to a relationship if you have a plan in place. If you want to mend your broken heart and have the person that you just can’t let go back into your life, then click here now.

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