3 Steps To Make Your Ex Want You Back – How To Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy

If you are currently going through a breakup and would like to know how to get your ex back, then this is going to be an important article. I’m about to show you three things you must do in order to not only get your ex back but for them to be the one calling you, chasing after you and be the one willing to do the work to get you back.

STEP #1. Accept The Breakup

So the very first thing you need to do after a breakup is to accept that your relationship is over and accept the breakup. A lot of people want to argue against their ex, they want to resist the situation; they want to try to convince them that they are making a big mistake and that this whole thing is a big mistake. You don’t want to do that because when you do that he is going to have his defenses up, and it will make it even harder on you because they will try harder to push you away. You will be like the enemy to them. So, what you want to do is to let them know that you are on their side.  What you want to say is I accept that you are not happy, you want to breakup, I think that is actually a good idea because I don’t want you to be unhappy, things hasn’t been working anyway and this may be the best thing for us. You want to agree with them that this breakup is a good idea. (If you’d like to know more about why you should do this, watch this video: Click Here)

STEP #2. No Contact – Give Yourself Time And Space

The second thing you must do now that you must have at least lowered your ex’s barriers a bit is to actually backup what you have said through your actions. Which means you are not only telling them that you accept the breakup and you are happy to let them go, you are going to do that through your actions by not talking to them for a period of time. You won’t tell them that you are not going to talk to them for a period of time, you will just do it. I recommend at least 30 days of no contact. You should completely remove yourself from their life, not talk to them at all, not contact them, and not see them.  Basically remove yourself from them and also any way you may hear about what is going on in their lives. Try to completely cut yourself off from their lives because it makes the healing process harder if you are constantly reminded of what they are doing. For example if you are on Facebook with them, you are constantly reminded of them when you see pictures of them with the opposite sex, with new people and just having fun. That’s going to be much harder on you emotionally to handle. If that’s the case, you should either avoid going on Facebook or block them so you don’t see what going on in their lives. Read Ways to Make Your Ex Miss You And Want You Back After A Break Up

no contact rule

This period apart is actually not only important for them to have a space apart from you, but what is more important is for you to have the space to work out what you want to do now. This is because now is the time for you to regain your independence, you need to figure out once again what other things that makes you happy by yourself. So many people get entangles up in a relationship and they forget the thing that they used to do or they forget the things that make them who they were when they didn’t have a relationship. It’s really important now to work that stuff out; to start setting some goals for yourself, to start evaluating where you life is at, where you want to go, what is going to make you happy now without your partner and just by yourself. That can be scary at first but it is quite crucial that you do this step, because not only will it help you feel a lot better it helps you with the healing and it also gives you a lot more confidence to step into the world and realize that you can move forward from here without your partner. (Know more about the no contact rule here.)

STEP #3. Re-attraction

Once you actually get to this point, it’s not as scary as you first thought. You ex will not suddenly realize that you are moving on, and that means he can move on. He’s not going to think that way. That’s more your fear talking. What they will realize is that you are getting your life back in order, you are active and have been happy. The things that attracted them to you initially will start to come out again, and that’s what will attract them back to you again. Trust me, if you do the no contact correctly and they actually cared about you in the relationship, they will definitely be calling you and contacting you because they will be curious. Its human nature to be curious about our ex partners; what are they doing now, what’s happening and things like that. Especially if you go from suddenly in a relationship to nothing, definitely that change will by itself strike them to want to contact you. This is important; you shouldn’t make yourself too available and shouldn’t make it too easy for your ex when they start pursuing you, contacting you, wanting to hang out and wanting to see more of you. If you do the no contact correctly, you should already be filled up with things to do. So, when your ex calls you and you say I’m a bit busy right now, let’s talk next week when I’m not so busy. When you say things like that it won’t be lie because it’s the truth, and also that will make them realize that you are actually doing good things for yourself. We are naturally drawn to people who are happy on their own, who are not needy and who don’t need a partner to make them happy. Those are very attractive things, so they will naturally want to come forward to find out more about you and what’s going on. (Read: Should You Try and Make Him Jealous?)


Also, when you take a step forward and then step backward, it makes your ex start to think more about you. If your ex doesn’t get the instant gratification whenever they start calling, then it will make them start thinking more about you and missing you. They will start thinking back to the relationship – they will start thinking about the good and bad things of the relationship. Getting them to think about you is a good thing. It means you are on their mind. The more they think about you, the more they will contact you and the more they will want to spend time with you. Things will start to snowball very quickly as long as you don’t go back to being needy, clingy and wanting to quickly get back together. The thing that can kill it is if you rush too fast back into that relationship. If you go too quickly into that relationship, then you might just find yourself back with all the old problems. But if you go slowly, you might find out that you could have a better relationship and start anew as well. You will also be able to work out the problems as you take the reconciliation process slowly. However, if you rush back into the relationship, you will suddenly find yourself back to how you were with all the old problems and then having to breakup again. (If you’d like a comprehensive guide to get your ex back, watch this video.)


As a recap, the first thing you need to do is to accept that the relationship is over and to let them know that you just want them to be happy. If that’s what they want, then you are willing to accept that.  The second thing is to have that distance between you two. Allow at least 30 days of distance between you two. During this time make sure you are active in doing things for yourself and gaining your independence. The last thing is to make sure that you take it slowly once your ex does start talking to you again and coming closer and closer to you. You shouldn’t rush back into the relationship rather make them work for it – make them put effort to impress you and to get you back again. Your ex really needs to prove to you why you should take them back. That’s important!

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